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Coherence Through Science

Consilence of sciences

Uniting three fundamental areas of scientific knowledge, one can understand Reality as it is, without personal bias or subjective prejudices.

This type of thinking leads to proper understanding the nature of Reality, coherent thinking and behavior, and ultimately, transcendent wisdom.

This state of wisdom, then Trickles-Down towards more conventional areas of your life, improving them all around.

How does TDW Apply to My Life?

As we climb the pyramid of life toward Self-Realization, we must understand that each level is as important as the next. We must not skip any of the Ikigais, nor any of their smaller steps.

Therefore, Coherence must contemplate the complex framework proposed by TDW as shown below:

Pirámide TDW

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We are a great variety of users, experts and professionals, with the same common objective: to advance together on the road to self-realization through transversal knowledge. Contact us!

TDW Authors

Here we introduce ourselves, the 2 members that started this project:

Francisco Pastor

francisco shepherd tdw

I have always wanted to understand the human mind. Not only from a human perspective, but from a global perspective, including philosophy, physiology, psychology, metaphysics, etc. Self-knowledge thus becomes a tool for the understanding of the mind.

My career, psychology, has made me see the importance of knowing oneself. And from this self-knowledge, Reality is known.

Luis Del Pino

Luis Del Pino TDW large

Since vertical knowledge erases any hint of “I”, it can be said that this consciousness humbly bows at any other consciousnesses.

This knowledge, which knows it knows, seeks to exchange ideas for the simple pleasure of contemplating agreement between human beings and to see how coherence emerges within Reality as it is.