Buddhism: Beliefs vs. Facts

creencias del budismo

Buddhist Beliefs People believe many things regarding the teachings, stories and memes, of a man named Siddhārtha Gautama, son of a rich king, many times portrayed as a smiling bald man with a big belly; we are told he lived around 500 B.C., that he self-realized, that is, he ‘woke up’, became enlightened, and was thus … Read more

Our Name, Maslow, and Mental Mountaineering

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Our Name Says it All The other day, I was talking to a friend about Trickle Down Wisdom (TDW); the first thing he asked me, was the meaning of our name. Good question. We both turned 59 just a few months ago. In our 21st century, to be over 50 is considered traumatic for most, … Read more

Consciousness vs. Conscience

conscience vs consciousness

Important note to serious thinkers Let’s get to the point. Free from distracting memes, and let us not bring to this subject any  pre-existing prejudice (just as insurance companies would not hear of pre-existing conditions) but only considerations factually corroborated. The term Consciousness and its twin term, Conscience, are found everywhere, everyone seeks to understand … Read more