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This project aims to spread wisdom, transmit scientific knowledge through a holistic and consilient perspective, instead of the usual fragmented transmission of different scientific knowledge without meaning and without human practicality.

This wisdom has a positive effect on the person, and in the long run, on society. Our vision is to achieve a profound change in society, transforming the current tendency towards self-destruction and selfishness, in harmony, wisdom, cooperation and well-being.

This change begins in oneself. Bottom up. One mind at a time. Join Us!

What are We?

We are a community of critical thought and personal development, in which we all help each other in the path toward self-realization.

We are a sanctuary of reason, hidden in the midst of a stormy online sea of confusion and despair. We are a protected refuge of humanistic equanimity, magnanimity, ethics and aesthetics.

We are a stimulating library, free of ghosts, free of myths, where consilience among positive sciences is the cornerstone of discussions, exchanges, and new understanding.

What will you get in The TDW Community?

Psychological development

You will learn self-knowledge, social skills, anger control, mindfulness, impulse / emotional regulation, tolerance to frustration, while you develop your will, your motivation, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Psychology is the scientific cornerstone of this humanistic project. Psychological self mastery is essential to advance in transversal knowledge.

As a Member of our Community, you will discover that Deliberate Action is the ultimate root of happiness.

Somatic Development

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body. You will improve your introspective skills by learning the language of your body. You will learn to calm your anxiety and stress of everyday life. Your will improve your nutrition, your exercise, and your sleep paterns, and thus improve your energy and strenght.

The physical and somatic benefits are tangible. A balanced mental and physical perspective, coupled with a practical hygiene of life based on modern science and personal coherence, has a direct impact on your body-mind.

Existential development

What is life? How is reality? Can you know the truth? Is there anything beyond our understanding? Is there a life beyond this life?

Modern positive sciences answer the above questions without invoking creator or god. Existential development is done through vertical knowledge. In other words, the knowledge of the nature of Reality as it is.

A coherent mind is a happy mind. Through acquiring a perspective of life with meaning, your coherence and, therefore, your happiness, will increase.

The Community

Access to our Forum

A place to debate, ask and learn. With depth and without dogma or extremism.

Webinars and Podcast

Audios and videos that will help you in your verticality. We hold group and individual meetings.

Interactive Community

You can advance in your own way to self-discovery, among other mindful and respectful thinkers, with an open mind, all willing to help and learn.

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Members Reviews

I cannot put into words the depth of gratitude I have for Luis and Trickle Down Wisdom, which has changed my life so much for the better. So I will simply say thank you Luis and if I may be of any service to those also on this path please feel free to contact me as what has been so freely given, I give freely.

I live and grew up in Chicago. I see and hear many different people and ways to gain my attention and trust. I have spent the majority of my life hustling and looking for an angle out of self interest. I consider myself street savvy. I say this because my mind stays true to what is real.

So when I began to study under Luis I knew he was speaking the truth.

And the adage if you got it you can spot it happended with Luis Del Pino and Trickle Down Wisdom. I knew immediately this is the real deal and I am fortunate to be a student of this program and philosophy. I strongly recommend this program. It has changed my life so much for the better.

I cannot put into words my gratitude. I recommend studying this wisdom and applying deliberate action today.

Mike M.


This Community is a social network and a think tank, but this one offers the common sense and rational thought that is obviously missing in most other social networks.

In our social network we restrict comments, publications, and interactions, carefully avoiding dogmatism, anger, disrespect and intolerance.

The topics discussed are varied. In particular, the sections that we currently have include topics such as science, psychology, philosophy, health, work and spirituality.

You can raise any topic of your interest, or put forward personal questions or concerns for discussion in our forum.

You are free to publish and comment on any topic, without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

We do not restrict the subject, just the form.

We hold group and individual meetings. These are philosophical-scientific conversations through video call (Skype or Zoom) in which debate and learning is conducted among participants, in order to acquire transversal knowledge.

TDW has a planetary reach. Our members come from all the countries on Earth. Currently, the languages of the community are Spanish and English. Soon it will be available in French.